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  • How do I tip?
    Our guides heavily rely on tips, as we provide a free walking tour. You can tip in cash at the end of your tour, or online on the "tip online" page of the website. Thank you very much!
  • Do I need to reserve a spot?
    We highly recommend reserving your tour- specifically from May to October. Tour spots are limited and we don't want you to miss out! Book now, for free, to ensure your spot. Or take a chance as a walk-up.
  • What should I wear?
    We tour shine or rain. The weather will be PERFECT! Dress for the weather. Rain jackets, umbrellas, winter jackets, mittens, or toques might be necessary. Wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Can I tip with a credit/debit card?
    Yes! You can tip online using out "Tip Online" page of this website. We do appreciate cash tips, and the closest banks and ATMs are: BMO: 91 Queen Street, NOTL. RBC: 234 Mary Street, NOTL. CIBC: 111 Garrison Village Drive, NOTL.
  • Can we book a tour for a time other than 10am?
    Yes! Email or fill out our Contact Form. These tours can be scheduled, depending on the date and time.
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